Back Wall

For some reason I have had this vision for the back wall of our workshop ever since we've moved to the new store.  Whenever I get a free moment, I work on bringing this idea into fruition.  So far I have the basic tree outlined and yesterday I put up the quote, "Every child is an artist, the problem is how we remain one once we grow up", by Pablo Picasso.  This is one of my favorite quotes because I believe strongly that we all should try to hold on to our creativity and not let the judgements of others alter this wonderful gift that we all have inside.

The letter I used for the quote is made by a wonderful husband and wife team that takes discarded old books and repurposes them.  Most of the pages are removed from the hard cover books and replaced with new journal paper.  The pages that are removed are used to make these colorful, creative letters.  I love this idea!  The journals and letters are just wonderful.  And by the way, we do offer them at the shop if you'd like some for your own creative venture.

I would appreciate any type of feed back about the wall; as it it is still "a work in progress".

Thank you!